Govt money not changing lives of Balochs

Karachi: The government is spending billions of rupees on Balochistan but this money is not bringing any meaningful change in the lives of people of Balochistan, and if the establishment continued ignoring the demands and aspirations of Balochs it may result in very serious consequences, said Baloch leader and Prince of the then state of Kalat Mohyuddin Baloch addressing a media conference here Thursday.

He said Pakistan is our country and we love Pakistan; however, Balochistan is the main focus of our concerns as situation there is going from bad to worse with every passing day due to wrong policies of establishment and haughty attitude of our rulers, who mostly belong to a majority province of Pakistan. He said the establishment and rulers are interested in the land and resources of Balochistan but not in the people of Balochistan. He said he was sorry to say that like past governments, the present government is also ignoring people of Balochistan.

He said the situation of Balochistan is quite different than the situation of the other provinces. For example, he said, Kalat was a separate state with its own form of government as per tribal traditions of Baloch and it voluntarily joined Pakistan. He said at that Balochs were happy to join Pakistan hoping a better future for them, but now their dream has turned sour. He said the government is investing in infrastructure and development of natural resources of Balochistan to earn more and more profits, but it is not investing to improve the living standard of ordinary Balochs and making life easier for them. He said the rulers should know that without the cooperation of these ordinary Balochs it cannot lay road and rail network in Balochistan and tap its natural resources.

The Prince said it was decided that the four provinces of Pakistan would have equal rights like four brothers, but unfortunately three brothers are badly neglected and all power is vested in what he called ‘Lahore’. He said ‘Lahore’ is ignoring the rights of other Pakistanis, as the Pakistan of today has remained no more a Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said we are protesting so that the rulers and establishment hear our voice. He said the establishment thinks that it would browbeat the people of Balochistan, which is a fallacy. He said Balochs could never be defeated as they know how to fight for their rights. He said when we raise voice for our rights we are labeled as traitors and foreign agents. Without naming Taliban He said the rulers are ready to hold talks with groups that even do not believe in the constitution of Pakistan. He said Balochs believe in the constitution of Pakistan and want that their problems be solved accordingly.

The Prince, who is also chief of Baloch Rabita Ittefaq Tehreek (BRIT), advised the establishment to solve the issue of Balochistan as per the aspirations of the people of Balochistan by December 31, 2015; otherwise, the things would be go beyond control of everyone. When asked to define the ‘aspirations’ of Balochs, he said they want due share in economic resources and government jobs. He said the standard of living of Balochs should also be raised.

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