Govt needs to provide training to Chingchi drivers

KARACHI: The recent decision of Supreme Court regarding the Chingchi Rickshaws for allowing them in Karachi on condition after ensuring their fitness, registration and safety by provincial transport department, was widely welcomed by Karachiites, but the safety issues still persist in operation of these Chingchi rickshaws for hundreds of thousands of commuters including elderly men, women and children because of these untrained drivers.

The record of three-wheel vehicle accidents showed that a large number of accidents were caused by Qingqi rickshaws in the city due to poor training of their drivers.

The proper training of these Chingchi Rickshaws’ drivers should be ensured first as the safety of commuters is more important than their transportation. These drivers should be bound to get valid commercial licences first from Karachi Licence Department.

In Karachi, the traffic congestion could not be resolved yet and if these rickshaws operate in the city without providing their drivers a proper training, it could affect the city’s traffic system and make it worse than ever.

There is dire need to establish a driving training institute that should work under the Transport Department of Sindh and it should be made mandatory for all private and commercial drivers to get basic compulsory training of driving from well-trained instructors for period of one month for all types of vehicles including QinQi Rickshaws, motorcycles, motor-car, truck-dumper, water tankers and oil tankers, only then the qualified drivers should be allowed on the roads to drive any vehicle. The driving theory should also be made mandatory for all drivers to get pass it from the Karachi Licence Department and then a practice test for qualifying for a valid licence.

The basic compulsory training would enable drivers to recognize the traffic signs and follow the road ethics and safety rule including two second rule between one vehicle to another; alert signs, speed signs, give way rule and sign, Zebra crossing rule and sing, one line rule and parking rule. The compulsory basic training would also build a sense of responsibility among negligent drivers that would also be solution for traffic congestions.

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