Gwadar being made Dubai like harbour: Ehsan Iqbal

SIALKOT: Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ch. Ehsan Iqbal has said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N government was committed and making hectic efforts to make the Gwadar as per equal to Dubai level international harbour, luring the world to use Gwadar harbour, which would open the new vistas of socio-economic and human development in the region. He said Gwadar would soon become the main economical hub of Pakistan offering maximum lucrative trade and investment incentives to the national and foreign investors besides providing the secured business and investment friendly atmosphere on top priority.

He stated this while talking to the different delegations of traders, political workers, notables and exporters from both Sialkot and Narowal districts near Narowal here.

Federal Minister said that there was a visible reduction in the prevailing prolonged inherited energy crisis, saying that present government’s hectic efforts were now giving the desired results to curb the menace of the inherited energy crisis. He said that as many as 10,000 megawatts electricity would be included in the national grid during a stipulated period of next three years.

Ch. Ehsan Iqbal said that now the world media was declaring Pakistan’s economy as a rising successful economy which was now flourishing and getting boost besides moving towards the goal of national economical stability successfully as well.

He said that the political opponents only made high slogans of bringing change in the country. “Yes, the PML-N government has yet brought the real and actual change in economical development sector by taking country’s inherited sick economy now to the taking off position”.

He said that this was the actual and real change which was direly needed for the nation and the country as well.

He said that there is bright signs of national economical stability that national exchequer reservoirs of Pakistan have increased to US$ 20 billion.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ch. Ehsan Iqbal said that the PML-N government was striving to make Pakistan Asian Tiger in economy and defence under the marvellous leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. He said the present government’s positive and effective economical policies were bearing fruits and were helping a lot in providing financial relief to the masses beaten up badly by the inherited price hike.

Federal Minister said that the PML-N has great economical boost plan to increase the national exports of the country to US$ 150 billion till the 2025, as the government would soon launch a nation-wide awareness raising campaign with the active cooperation of all the chambers of commerce and industry in the country, besides, ensuring the early provision of business-friendly atmosphere and enabling the exporters of the country to utilize their all the energies and capabilities to boost the national exports with full devotion, dedication, enthusiasm and complete peace of mind.

He said that the government was successfully implementing its economical revival agenda by putting the country on the highway leading to the goal of national economical political stability.

Ch. Ehsan Iqbal said that the development of the human resources was the top priority of the PML-N government, which was intending to divert the direction of national economical development to the national resources instead of depending on the foreign resources, saying that Pakistan was enriched with all the natural resources.

Federal Minister said that the government was planning for the next 20 years and making some effective measures to overcome the burning issue of the water scarcity in the country , these steps would also be helpful in curbing the menace of the prolonged , what he said, inherited energy crisis, by giving the maximum relief to the people. He said that the energy crisis inherited by the previous regimes now has made the country hostage economically , due to which the government had been focusing on the early end of the power load shedding.

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