Haemophilia cases on rise in Pakistan: expert

KARACHI: Renowned Haematologist Dr Saqib Hussain Ansari has said haemophilia cases are spreading sharply in Pakistan and treatment of disease only possible with specific injection that keep blood from becoming thicker.

In connection of World Haemophilia Day being observed on 17th April globally, Dr Ansari said haemophilia is genetic blood disorder and number of cases has been rising day by day in the country. He said there was no national level data available about the disease. He said in medical terms there are two types of the disease: haemophilia A and haemophilia B.

He explained that haemophilia disease occurs due to protein deficiency in body, which plays key role in freezing blood procedure. He said disease is transmitted to babies from their mothers. He said poor diagnostics facilities and unavailability of injections is the main issue of haemophilia patients in Pakistan. He said the patients are also contracting various diseases like hepatitis B &C, HIV due to unavailability of safe blood.

Dr Ansari said due to lack of proper healthcare facilities and skilled staff, haemophilia disease is often not diagnosed on time; in such cases the treatment of haemophilia patients is not possible.

He stressed the need of joint efforts to ensure supply of needed injections to children who are suffering haemophilia so that they can spend a normal life.

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