Hajj: (36 Pakistanis martyred, 85 still missing after Mina stampede)

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Religious Affairs has confirmed the martyrdom of 36 Pakistanis as a result of the Mina stampede in Saudi Arabia, while according to the minister, 217 of the missing Pakistanis have made contact.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has released the names of the 36 Pakistani martyrs in a list on its website. Talking to media on Monday, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Mohammad Yousuf said that 217 Pakistanis previously believed to be missing have made contact, while 85 are still missing. “Efforts are afoot to find the Pakistani pilgrims who are still missing,” he added.

He said under the Hajj policy, the Pakistani pilgrims martyred in Mina stampede will be laid to rest in Saudi Arabia. He further said that 12 out of 34 of the Pakistanis who sustained injuries in the incident have been discharged from hospitals after treatment while the rest are still receiving medical aid in Saudi Arabia.

He said if the family members of the victims wish to visit Saudi Arabia, the government would provide them all possible help. Five Pakistani Hajjis who were martyred in the stampede have been laid to rest in the Mina graveyard. Three of those laid to rest were residents of Karachi and two were residents of Khanewal.

At least 769 Hajj pilgrims from various countries were martyred as a result of a stampede last week in Mina where they had gathered to stone the devil as a ritual for this year’s Hajj. Over 900 pilgrims were injured while scores others went missing in the incident.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is presently in New York for attending the United Nations General Assembly session, said difficulties are being faced in finding the missing pilgrims after the Mina stampede. However, he hoped that the situation would become clear soon. On the advice of the prime minister, the religious affairs ministry has set up a helpline to assist and help out those concerned about their loved ones.

The helpline can be accessed by calling the toll-free number 042111725425 from inside Pakistan, while callers from Saudi Arabia or other countries can dial 8001166622 for help. Relatives and family members may also visit the website www.hajjinfo.org for further details.

On Monday, the PM personally called on the helpline himself to check the service. The prime minister also ordered his office to get in touch with family members of all 85 missing Pakistani pilgrims and acquaint them with the latest information.

Names of Shuhada available on website of Ministry of Religious Affairs:

1. Hafsa Shoaib w/o Mohammad Shoaib Shahid 2. Zareen Nasim w/o Syed Nasim ul Haq 3. Syeda Narjis Shahnaz w/o Syed Ahmed Mehmood Shah 4. Zainab w/o Eid Mohammad 5. Mahmood Arshad s/o Atta Mohammad 6. Rasheedan Bibi w/o Mohammad Yaqoob

7. Zahid Gul s/o Aslam Mohammad 8. Dr Ameer Ali Lashari (According to Al Noor Hospital) 9. Makhdumzada Syed Asad Murtaza Gilani s/o Makhdum Syed Wajahat Hussain Gilani 10. Abdul Rehman s/o Ismail 11. Shehnaz Qamar w/o Abdul Rehman 12. Islam Ahmed (According to the list of Al-Noor Hospital) 13. Bushra Bibi (According to the list of Al-Noor Hospital) 14. Mohammad Hasrat s/o Ali Asghar 15. Azeem Khan s/o Qadir Khan 16. Mohammad Idrees s/o Mohammad Din 17. Amir Mohammad Malook (According to the list of Al-Noor Hospital) 18. Gul Shahnaz w/o Ghulam Rabbani 19. Najma w/o Mukhtar Ahmed Khan 20. Noor Mohammad s/o Mir Ayub Khan 21. Mohammad Aslam s/o Mohammad Ishaq 22. Madina Bibi w/o Mohammad Aslam 23. Touseef Iftikhar s/o Iftikhar Ahmed

24. Mohammad Ismail Khan s/o Hidayat Ali Khan 25. Bibi Zara w/o Mohammad Nasreen 26. Abdul Ahad s/o Badshah Mir 27. Haji Abbas Khan s/o Total Khan 28. Talmeez Ahmed 29. Siraj Ahmed Siraj s/o Mohammad Jamal 30. Mian Mohammad Riaz (Lahore, ANN Tours) 31. Arif (Lahore, ANN Tours) 32. Aziz Mai w/o Noor 33. Bibi Shakira (Dr. Ashfaq Pak Hajj Mission) 34. Asif Khan (Dr. Ashfaq Pak Hajj Mission) 35. Mohammad Ibrahim Khan s/o Mohammad Gul 36. Mohammad Hassan Khan s/o Mohammad Amin Khan

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