Health (NHC programme was the need of the country)

Islamabad: National Health Care Program was the need of Pakistan, as long waited National Health Program is in the best interest of Pakistani Public which will enable them to receive under privileged treatment at private and public hospitals free of charge.

This basic facility will give great satisfaction esp Rural Areas where the Health Care necessity is require more as compare to metro cities, so deserve common people can get the treatment of common illnesses “such as the flu, cough and hepatitis” as well as for more serious conditions like “angioplasty, bypass and dialysis”., Stated by Mr. Aamir Iqbal Zam Zam, Vice Chairmen Standing Committee on Health Care FPCCI.

We appreciate the great efforts of State Minister Ms. Saira Afzal Tarar, He also emphasised that Government should further expand this kind of Health program for the betterment of people of Pakistan.

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