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QUETTA: Sensitive agencies in a successful action along Pak-Afghan border near Chagai killed an important commander of Al Qaida wanted to Punjab Government. His wife, two children and brother in law has been arrested. Punjab Govt had announced rupees tow million as his head money.

This was stated by Provincial Home Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti at a press conference here Sunday. He was flanked by Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani.

Home Minister said as a result of marvellous success of Zarb e Azb Al Qaida hideouts in North Waziristan have been destroyed. Al Qaida leadership tried to establish new set up along Pak Afghan border in Balochistan so continues its terrorism inside Pakistan. Al Qaida activist Omar Latif alias Luqman alias Mohammad had committed lot of terror activities in Gujranwala, Gujrat and Lahore. Punjab government had announced Rupees two million as his head money. Al Qaida gave this terrorist task of logistic and travelling facilities and carrying bombs in Quetta and Afghanistan and launching new wave of terror in Balochistan and southern Punjab. He shifted to Nimroz, Afghanistan along with his family 8 to 10 months ago to keep his activities hidden.

Keeping his task in view Al Qaida Commander Omar Latif setup his net work in Chagai Balochistan. He gave his brother Bilal Latif duty of abduction for ransom, killings, murders, targeting Army, police jawans in southern Punjab. He continued his terror activities in interior of Punjab, Multan, D G Khan. Government of Punjab had announced Rupees 2 million as head money for him.

Tayyaba alias Fareeha Baji Wife of Omar Latif is also permanent woman member of Al Qaida and in view of her activities Punjab Govt has also announced Rupees 0.5 million head money for her.

Home Minister said in view of increasing activities of Omar Latif ISI traced him by dint of its day and night work which was in Chagai. It conducted a raid on August 1 at his compound. Omar Latif used his wife and two girls as human shield to escape arrest. Raiding team succeeded in saving lives of woman and her children. Omar Latif was killed in the action and a member of raiding team was also injured. His brother however succeeded to flee to Afghanistan.

Home Minister said two brothers were involved in a number of terror activities.

Sarfraz Bugti said if Altaf Hussain would make derogatory remarks against Pakistan Armed Forces in Pakistan he would be given reply in the same manner. He said Altaf Hussain is a terrorist.

Newsmen were also shown a video of Omar Latif where he was living near Chagai.

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