Horticulture sector needs investment, policy: FPCCI

Karachi: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Chairman Standing Committee on Horticulture & Agriculture Produce, Ahmad Jawad said “Pakistan horticulture sector could have an important role to play in the export market with the right investment and policy settings”.

Currently Pakistan horticulture exports were around $ 400 million only, which is nothing if we compare with Indian horticulture exports worth of around $ 2.7 billion and China exports were $18 billion.

While addressing the delegation, he said the effective and operative ways for horticulture and agri- sector will definitely enhance the development of the country economy.

I believe in horticulture, a combination of perceptive policy and local institutional support can further shore up farming incomes. For one, provincial governments can help producers move up the value chain (grading, cleaning, and cutting) through dissemination of knowledge and expertise

“As Fruit and vegetables provide more income than food grains, but they need infrastructure and price support”

Jawad told we must also put greater emphasis on the development of value-added products and expands Pakistan’s competitiveness in food and agricultural value chains. Our fruits and vegetables grown in the country have great potential, which need to be harnessed to capture hungry world markets, where Pakistani mangoes, dates, and Kinnow in particular are in great demand.

We required pro active credit policy by the banks, yet project based agri- lending in Pakistan is almost non-excitable especially in horticulture. ZTBL who claimed the largest share in overall agriculture credit market have no project lending was made since 1992, which is unfortunate; he remarked.

Ministry of Commerce and Planning Commission to draft and implement Horticulture Export Policy for 2015-20 on priority basis and made allocations in the PSDP (Public Sector Development Program) with the consultation of Finance Ministry so that country’s exports could be enhanced.

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