HR: (Burney demands release of Hussain from India)

ISLAMABAD: Former federal minister for Human Rights and Ansar Burney Trust International Chairman Ansar Burney on Wednesday demanded immediate release of a Pakistani boy detained in India since last 18 months on a crime innocent boy never committed.

Burney also sent letters to the authorities in New Delhi, asking for immediate release of Ghulam Hussain son of Jumman Thero – a nine-year-old boy who is detained in Jamnagar Central Jail in India for over a year. Hussain was eight years old when arrested in India.

Hussain and his father Thero along with other fishermen were apprehended by Indian coastguards while they were fishing in the Pakistani seawater.

Last month, the Indian authorities had released 88 fishermen including Jumman Thero and sent them back to Pakistan via Wagha but refused to release Hussain.

Burney requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior to take up the matter with the Indian authorities on urgent basis.

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