Immediate steps demanded for food security survey

KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Sunday expressed reservations over government response to the looming food security threat as economic crisis in west has exacerbated food insecurity.

It demanded increased investment to ensure food security for whole population many of whom are finding it difficult to get adequate food.

Government must launch and complete food security survey so that policymakers can plan on the basis of ground realities and not on guess work, said Fahmida Kausar Jamali, Vice President FPCCI.

In a joint statement with Tabassum Anwar, Chairperson of Committee for Trade and Commerce of the QCCI, she said that proper food at reasonable price is the basic right of everyone.

She said that global agricultural production must be enhanced by 50 percent by 2050 to feed nine billion people, as majority of world’s poor and malnourished lives in Saarc region which cannot excel due to unending political disputes.

Fahmida Jamali said that population is growing at a rapid pace while agricultural production continue to recede due to climate change posting new challenges.

Production cannot enhanced when farming community is dissatisfied, she said, adding that issues confronting farmers should be tackled on preference.

Efforts to achieve food security have suffered from insufficient investment and a lack of coordination. The risk can be alleviated through policy reforms, investment and innovative ways to increase production and access to food.

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