Independence Day preparations in full swing

QUETTA: Preparations are in full swing for celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

Pakistan national flags and badges coinciding the occasion were being sold in various parts of the city and along roads. City has been decorated with banners, posters and national flags.

According to details considering Independence as blessings of Almighty Allah Independence day celebrations are being made which are at their peak nowadays. National flags have been hoisted on the houses, shops, vehicles, motorcycles giving an impression we are a living nation and care for our independence. We would not only maintain our independent entity as a nation but all efforts would be made for country’s stability and strength.

National flags and badges are being sold at various points in the Metropolis to welcome August 14 our Independence day and city has been decorated with buntings, posters, banners and national flags.

To avert any untoward incident and to celebrate the occasion befittingly security forces have made strict security measures.

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