Inspectorate of Mines Labour declares the result of Shot Firer Examination 2015

Peshawar: Inspectorate of Mines Labour Welfare Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has declared the result of Mine Sirdar / Shot Firer Examination 2015 held in MRSTC Jalozai, District Nowshera w.e.f. 09-11-2015 to 11-11-2015.

The following candidates whose experience certificate have been verified are hereby declared as successful and the result of those candidates whose experience are still be required verification is hereby withheld till their experience documents/certificates are verified by the concerned Inspector of Mines. Mohammad Sultan S/O Noor Zaman – Result Late, Ali Khan S/O Habibullah Jan – R/L, Shakeel Akhtar S/O Shah Rasool – R/L, Said Bad Shah S/O Gul Sherwan – Pass, Hameed Ullah Khan S/O Abdul Ghafoor Khan – R/L, Mohammad Afzal Khan S/O Mohammad Anwar Khan – R/L, Mohammad Younas Khan S/O Gor Gul – R/L, Zaitullah Khan S/O Janjal Khan – R/L, Mohammad Ilyas Khan S/O Khan Badshah – R/L,, Pai Khel S/O Behram Khan – R/L, Rehmat Nabi S/O Naseeb Khan – R/L, Allah Bakhsh S/O Mohammad Khan –Pass, Rehmat Badshah S/O Umar Badshah – R/L, Mohammad Zubair S/O Khial Jannat Shah, Rabidullah S/O Nawab Khan – R/L, Javed Akhtar S/O Mohammad Sabir – R/L, Mohammad Idrees S/O Gul Hasham Khan – R/L, Amal Nawaz S/O Nayak Awaz – Pass, Farid Nawaz S/O Mohammad Aprash – Pass, Mohammad Parvez S/O Mohammad Rahman –Pass, Umar Zeb S/O Gul – Pass, Shamsur Rahman S/O Said Rahman – Pass, Gul Parodin S/O Sarzamin – Pass, Mohammad Raziq S/O Mohammad Khan – Pass, Khan Zarin S/O Shamoz Khan – R/L, Gul Mohammad S/O Amir Khawaja – Pass, Sadat Khan S/O Naseem Khan – Pass, Masoom Shah S/O Nazir Shah – R/L,, Ihsan ur Rahman S/O Islam Hayat – Pass, Mohammad Azhar S/O Mohammad Safdar – Pass, Israr Husain S/O Ghulam Hussain – Pass, Sodad S/O Mohammad Hayat – Pass, Bostan Khan S/O Nikam Din – R/L, Zafrullah Khan S/O Mir Abbas Khan – R/L, Taleem Shah S/O Gulzeb Shah – Pass, Abdul Ghaffar Khan S/O Adam Khan – R/L, Shakir Nadeem S/O Sail Badshah – R/L, Rasheed Gul S/O Zari Shah – Pass, Noor Wali Khan S/O Maveez Khan – R/L, Samiullah S/O Zalim Shah – Pass, Mutliq Khan S/O Nazir Gul – R/L, Sabir Hussain S/O Surkhuro Khan – Pass, Akram Khan S/O KhanZaman – R/L, Saifullah S/O Khan Zaman – Pass, Yousaf Khan S/O Kaptan Khan – Pass, Inam Badshah S/O Sultan Badshah – R/L, Mohammad Irfan S/O Mohammad Ishaq – R/L, Ameerullah Khan S/O Sanaullah Khan – Pass, Baqir Ali S/O Mohammad Islam Bacha- Pass, Ayaz Khan S/O Sangeen Khan – R/L, Umar Badshah S/O Khushab – Pass, Zahidullah S/O Abdullah – R/L, Shaheed ur Rahman S/O Meer Din – R/L, Mohammad Amjad Khan S/O Abdul Jabbar – Pass, Mohammad Sabir Khan S/O Abbas Khan – Pass, Fazal Karim S/O Abdul Jalil – Pass, Multan Badshah S/O Sultan Badshah – R/L, Shahidullah S/O Hazrat Khan – Pass, Mohammad Waheed S/O Shahzada – Pass, Syed Hussandar S/O Amir Rahman – Pass, Mohammad Essa S/O Mohammad Sarwar Din – Pass, Nisar Ahmad S/O Mohammad Nabi – Pass, Shah Behram Khan S/O Shahzad Gul – R/L, Fazal Wadood S/O Mohammad Ishaq – R/L, Ijazul Haq S/O Noor Mohammad Gul – Pass, Muzaffar Khan S/O Khan Zaman – Pass, Maqbool Khan S/O Roshmin Khan – R/L, Mohammad Abid S/O Qamash Gul – Pass, Mohammad Arshad S/O Gul Rahman – Pass, Fawad Ali Khan S/O Mohammad Saleem – Pass, Zuriaman S/O Faqeer Mohammad – Pass, Nawazish S/o Mohammad Khan – Pass, Khurshid Ali S/O Shakirullah – R/L and Rizwan Naseem S/O Khalid Naseem – Pass.

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