Int’l conference on translational medicine kicks off at Ziauddin

KARACHI: The 2nd annual conference on “Translational Medicine: From Discovery to Health Care” kicked off at Ziauddin University on Monday including innovative and creative super sessions showcasing renowned national and international translational medicine thought leaders.

Ziauddin University organized a three-day international conference “Translational Medicine: From Discovery to Health Care” in collaboration with European Society of Translational Medicine (EUSTM) from February 1 to 3, 2016 at Ziauddin University, Clifton Campus.

The conference delegates stress on the need of bench side to bedside and community health care as the prime concern in Pakistan and recommended for developing a government stance on this.

Core highlights of the conference included, keynote addresses by Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, chief guest of the event. He gave an exciting overview of advances in translational medicine technology, a thrilling talk.

More than 350 participants were welcome by the Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University. He appreciated the work conducted by Prof Dr Ata-ur-Rahman in higher education in Pakistan.

“This is a unique conference in Pakistan, and purports a platform for the eminent and brilliant minds in the realm of translational medicine to present their findings and swap ideas for implementing proven strategies for treatment and prevention”, said Dr Nikhat Ahmed Siddiqui, Dean of Research, Ziauddin University.

The first session at ZU-EUSTM 2016 covered a number of fascinating and hot topics enlightened attendees with the current and future status of translational medical research.

Prof Dr Anwar-ul-Hassan Gilani, Chairman: Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, over herbal medicine and its translational potential to bed side. A state-of the art presentation by Prof Gotfried Kohler from University of Vienna on Digital pathology and its applications on single cancer cells from body fluids.

Followed by Prof Aamir Shahzad, Prof Dr Iqbal Choudhary, Prof Dr Nessar Ahmed and Prof Dr Umar Daraz Khan and, innovative talks, addressing and opening the windows of opportunities, the breakthrough in translational research, improved diagnostic tools and the role of traditional/herbal medical practices for 21st Century health care.

The young scientist presentation is one of the highlights, projecting the research in this emerging field of translational medicine.

Prof Dr Aamir Shahzad, President, EUSTM (European Society of Translational Medicine) provide a comprehensive account of TM, by virtue of its application of a multidisciplinary approach, and aspirations of translating findings from fundamental research to health care practice, has become a centrepiece for global research funding.

The crux of the vent was the signing of MOU between Ziauddin University and EUSTM opening doors for international collaborations and exchange of technology, a need of the time. The Inaugural session was concluded by vote of thanks from Dr. Kamran Hameed, co-chair and Dean ZMC.

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