JAC condemns brutal CDA action for removal of Katchi Abadis in Islamabad

KARACHI: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the civil society organizations has vehemently condemned the Capital Development Authority (CDA) action to remove Katchi Abadi in a crude way by using Islamabad police and other law enforcement agencies, which resorted to violence on residents by using tear-gas shelling, baton charges and arrest of the resistance during two-day action on July 30 and 31st.

In a statement on Sunday the JAC demanded the federal government to constitute a judicial commission to probe into this inhuman action by the CDA in Afghan Basti Katchi Abadi in Sector I-11.

It is a constitutional obligation of the state to provide shelter to every citizen, but Pakistani state has miserably failed to provide this fundamental right to its citizens, the state said adding that these people of Katchi Abadi, mostly Pakistan citizens, had been living at the place for many decades and if CDA wanted to vacate the place it should have given to the residents a compensation package with ample time to vacate the place.

The CDA must have given a notice, an alternate place to live and a mutually agreed compensation money to the residents of Afghani Basti for vacating the place. It crude method by using force and heavy machinery to demolish the mud houses is unacceptable in a civilized country and the government should behave like a democratic and cultured manner.

We demand the government to constitute a judicial compensation to investigate and action should be taken against the responsible CDA officials the statement concluded.

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