JI seeks moral ground of madrisshas’ audit

Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami (JI), Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the government was not providing any funds to the madrissahs, so on what moral ground it was demanding the audit of their accounts.

Addressing the staff and students of the Gulshan e Umar campus of the Jamia Usmania, Charat Road, Pabbi, on Monday, he said that nearly three million students were getting education at the madrissahs but the government had no budget for them. On the other hand, after the 21st amendment, the madrissahs were being especially targeted.

JI provincial chief Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, the head of the Jamia Usmania, and mufti Ghulamur Rahman were also present.

Sirajul Haq said that maligning Islam and religion was a part of what he called the US and Europe war, and raids of madrissahs were being made at the behest of the western powers and to advance their agenda.

He said that those passing out from the madrissahs were far more talented than the graduates of the leading universities.

“It is a great misfortune that we have not been able to give uniform syllabi to the new generation and different syllabi have caused a split among the people”, he said.

He said there was dire need to abolish the class-based educational system in the country and introduce a uniform education system and syllabi. At present, he said, thousands of educational institutions did not have boundary walls, blackboard chalks and local teachers, while there were a few schools also whose examination papers were prepared at Oxford.

He said there was division among the madrissahs due to different examination boards which was also a big hurdle in the implementation of Islamic system. He said the existence of different religious organizations on the basis of sects and schools of thought was the main cause of their weakness and the enemy was exploiting it.

He said he had requested the Grand Mufti of Pakistan, Mufti Taqi Usmani, to make especial efforts to unite different Islamic parties on the basis of their common grounds. He said, all the Islamic religious parties were unanimous on the enforcement of the Islamic system and the Islamic provisions of the constitution.

He said that the Islamic system could not be enforced as long as the religious forces are not in power. However, he said, that for coming into power, the religious parties would have to prove their competence for that.

He said there was much longing for Islamic knowledge and the Islamic system among the masses, and the religious parties would have to jointly work for the supremacy of Deen.

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