JI Shura-Resolution

QUETTA: Jamaat Islami Balochistan shura while expressing grave concern over steps and behaviour of federal government about Pak-China Economic Corridor and understands that Rulers of Centre were following policy of prejudice, narrow sightedness and excesses and its biggest proof is that Western route which was signed during military rulers Pervez Musharraf. Dozens of development projects were part of this mega project. Nawaz Sharif government showing extremely partiality and opportunism not only divided this route into western and eastern routes but converted all the development projects to such areas which are already developed and there exists network of motorways.

JI shura resolution added that western route which was original route was safe and short and could benefit backward states and other Muslim states. Eastern route is in the target of India and insecure and long.

Shura rejects artificial inauguration of road by government in Zhob and demands this should be brought before constitutional forum of Council of Common Interest (CCI). Other parts of the project such as rail track, motorways, economic Zone, industrial zone, trade zone should be pointed out.

Specific provincial coalition government and religious and nationalists have compromised on interest of the province and for the sake of personal interest they have compromised on rights of people and the province.

It added had government followed consensus decisions of May 28 last year APC then nation should not had felt unrest and chaos and more than half dozens APCs had not held.

JI shura considers recent visit of a federal minister to Quetta and Peshawar. This incompetent minister made this project disputed and again he was dragging the nation towards destruction by issuing wrong statements. Shura demands this minister should be removed and work should be undertaken immediately according to May 28 APC. If rulers want to end doubts they should first complete Western Route and then start Eastern route.

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