JTA to launch seminaries protection campaign

KARACHI: Administrator Jamiat Talaba Arabia (JTA) (Sindh) Hafiz Abdul Wasi Qalandrani on Monday said seminaries were being harassed in the name of registration on western agenda. Therefore, JTA Sindh has decided to launch a campaign for protection of the honour of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and protection of Islamic seminaries across Sindh and get Muslims united on one platform.

“Islamic seminaries are not producing terrorists, but safeguarding Islam,” he said while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC). Qalandrani said the situation being created against seminaries on western agenda was sadastic.

He said seminaries were not new in the society, but they had been functioning for more than 1400 years. “Blaming Islamic seminaries for terrorist activities is shameful.” He said JTA had decided to begin campaign for protection of seminaries from 1st February to 15 March, which would denounce sectarian and discriminating acts on the basis of race, thoughts and region and against Islam-opposition forces.

The administrator condemned the consparacies being hatched against seminaries and their students. General Secretary JTA (Sindh) Hafiz Khalid Rehman Hamidi, Administrator JTA (Karachi) Zaheer Abbas Butt were also present on the occasion.

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