K-Electric, FIA catch Rs 18 million theft

KARACHI: K-Electric said in a statement on Thursday that successful raids were conducted against electricity thieves with the help of FIA in which Rs18 million power pilferage was caught.

The FIA and the KE team were accompanied by the KE police. They raided nine different sites, and found them involved in electricity theft. Eight of these sites belonged to Surrjani whereas one was from North Karachi. According to the statement, arrests were made from each site as well.

In North Karachi, KE’s manager inspection caught a plastic factory which was located in the basement of a house and indulging in electricity theft. After the owner of the house refused to grant any access to the inspection manager, the KE and FIA teams were called upon, and once the house was raided, electricity theft of almost 12.5 million was found.

In the area of Surjani, the two teams raided Sunny Plaza which was involved in electricity theft, which stood to almost Rs 1.9 million.

In the same area, two marriage halls named Emaan Marriage Hall and Marhaba Marriage Hall were also raided and a bill of more than Rs 1.2 million was placed on the two halls by the KE team.

Three more marriage halls belonging to one consumer were also raided by the FIA and KE teams in the area of Surjani, and electricity theft of more than Rs1 million was caught.

A garment factory in Surrjani after thorough inspection was also raided and stealing of electricity worth almost Rs 0.5 million was caught. On the other hand, a house in the same vicinity was also raided by the two teams as well, where electricity theft of more than Rs 0.9 million was caught.

KE along with the FIA has been conducting an anti-theft drive all over Karachi.

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