Karachi operation: Police claim killing 1357 terrorists, criminals since Sept 2014

KARACHI: A detailed report pertaining to police action during 823 days of Karachi Operation was submitted to IGP Sindh Ghulam Hyder Jamali.

The report highlighted the performance of the police during the Karachi Operation since 5-9-2013. According to the details, 1357 terrorists and criminals were killed and 73072 arrested. The report said that during 823 days, police encountered 4143 times with the criminals and terrorists, busting 2117 organised gangs.

The report said that during the period, 1437 kg explosive material, 31 suicide jackets, 15 IEDs, 1808 bombs and hand grenades, 20 LMGs, 438 SMGs/KK, 289 shotguns and repeaters, 348 rifles and 16910 pistols, revolvers and mouzers were also recovered as a result of police operations against the crimes and criminals.

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