Karachi Police issue Muharram Deployment Plan

KARACHI: In wake of security in the holy month of Muharram 2014, Karachi Police have started implementation on contingency plan which ensures extra-ordinary security measures for mourning processions and congregations. Police personnel along the route of processions and rallies would remain extra vigilant and alert to ensure security to public life and property within the jurisdiction of their respective police stations.

This was informed to Additional Inspector General Police (AIGP) Karachi Ghulam Qadir Thebo in a report compiled by city zonal police under title ‘Security & Deployment plan for Mourning Gathering & Procession from 1ST to 10th Muharram’.

According to the report, 58 processions and 79 congregations in South zone, 61 processions and 619 congregations in East, while 27 processions and 298 congregations in West zone were included in highly sensitive category.

Correspondingly, in merely sensitive category, 459 congregations and 213 processions in South zone, 1201 congregations in East, while 846 congregations and 165 processions in West zone were included.

The report further added that police personnel along with additional deployment and police commandos were already performing their duties in view Muharram security measures.

The report further revealed the number of police personnel performing duties under deployment plan in first ten days of holy month and according to it, 3336 personnel on first Muharram, 3252 on second, 3124 on third, 3621 on fourth, 4292 on fifth, 4574 on sixth, 9320 on seventh, 12547 on eighth while 15796 on ninth and 13960 on tenth day would perform duties respectively.

Meanwhile, 7039 personnel in South zone, 5292 in East zone, and 3465 personnel in West zone would ensure security to citizens, central rally, processions and congregations, adding that 7039, 4534 and 2393 personnel respectively perform their duties on tenth day of Muharram.

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