Kissan Mazdoor Tehreek rejects proposed Seed Bill 2014

Peshawar: Pakistan Kissan Mazdoor Tehreek (PKMT) and Roots for Equity strongly condemns the recent move by the federal government to give control of the seed sector to the multinational companies and warned the government to bring millions of kissans on road if it passed the ‘anti farmers’’ Act.

coordinator (PKMT) Tariq Mehmud along with other members while speaking to a news conference here at Press Club on Monday, , said Minister for National Seed Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Bosan had submitted the proposed Seed Amendment Bill 2014 in National Assembly in August 8, 2014.

They claimed that with passage of this bill will establish control over food of the transnational agrochemical corporation. “ it is fact that agriculture is now provincial subject and after the passage of 18th amendment KPK and Punjab have tabled Provincial Seed Bills in their respective assemblies”.

Tariq said the autonomy has come to the provinces after a long struggle but this is beyond understandings that as to why the provincial governments have handed over their autonomy to the federal government and allow the center to introduce seed bill in National Assembly.

According to the proposed bill, no unregistered person or institution will be allowed to sell seeds without official permission and the sale of unauthorized hybrid and semi-hybrid seeds will be banned.

“ if this bill is passed allows the multinational corporations to produce basic seed for the multiplication and certification, and also set up accredited seed testing laboratories. We would not accept this act which will curb the rights of farmers,” He vowed.

“The dictation of agro-chemical corporations such as Monsanto, Pioneer, and Syngenta is responsible for the draft Seed Act 2014,” he said adding “The US state department, in 2013 has said that Pakistan has made “no tangible progress” in protecting agricultural intellectual property rights (IPRs) which is needed under the World Trade Organizations, TRIPs agreement” he claiemed.

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