KMC to hire foreign expert for BRT

KARACHI: Ex-mayor Bogota, Columbia, Enrique Penalosa would be hired to get benefit of his wide experience in bus rapid transit (BRT) system to make it more advanced and effective in Karachi, said Administrator Karachi Saqib Ahmed Soomro on Tuesday.

“He is well experienced in the field of BRT system especially for a city having environment like Karachi,” he said.

Penalosa had introduced the ‘trans milano’ BRT system during his tenure as Mayor of Bogota which has been considered the best model for solving transport problems in big cities of the world.

This system facilitates 40 thousand passengers to travel at a time and has proved to be very effective. Penalosa, inspecting the different lines for the BRT project in the city, called on the administrator Karachi at his office to discuss the implementation of the proposed transport system.

The metropolitan commissioner, senior director transport & communication and other officers were also present on this occasion.

The BRT standard design features and operational model as well as requirements for establishment of BRT network were also discussed during the meeting.

The ex-mayor Bogota said besides the construction of flyovers, underpasses and signal free corridors in Karachi, an updated and effective mass transit system held the key role for solving transport problems in the city. It would save precious time, fuel and minimize the air pollution on busy corridors. He said a system like trans milano could prove to be beneficial for Karachi city also.

Soomro welcomed the services of former Bogota Mayor for BRT project in Karachi and expressed hope that the city would be benefited from his vast experience and expertise in the field of transport system.

He said it has become necessary to finish the BRT project for Karachi as soon as possible as it would provide great convenience to the citizens of Karachi in their daily life.

He said the consultancy services provided by the former Bogota Mayor would certainly help completing the project without delay and this would prove to be a role model in Pakistan.

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