KU: New plan campus security

KARACHI: University of Karachi’s all employees have been informed through a notification on Tuesday that no vehicles with black mirrors would be allowed in the premises of university from Wednesday.

In a statement on Tuesday, KU’s Registrar Moazam Ali Khan notified that viewing the security situation no vehicle would be allowed to enter the university with black sheets or screens on windows.

Registrar said, with the collaboration of the law enforcing agencies at KU, short and long term plans are being devised and enforced for better campus security.

He further added that a survey has been conducted in this regard according to which CCTV cameras would be installed on different check points and main entrance gates while Central Control Room would also be built.

Proper lightning arrangements will also be ensured by installing modern search lights on the roads of the campus in evening shift, he said. He told that short and long term plans are being in process for the enforcement of this security plan.

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