KU notifies code of conduct for students

KARACHI: University of Karachi’s Student Advisor Prof Dr Basit Ansari on Wednesday announced the code of conduct for the students of University of Karachi.

According to the notification there should be no activity against Pakistan or national security and integrity and no interference in varsity’s administrative activities. Anti social activities in the varsity and use of threats and violence are highly prohibited. Smoking and use and sale of Gutka, Pan and Chhalia is also prohibited. There would be no unauthorized use of varsity’s property allowed including transport.

Wall chalking and posters pasting will also be strictly prohibited said the notification. Carrying and use of arms or ammunition or explosive material will be prohibited as well. All the students have to follow the university rules and regulations including maintaining at least 75 percentage attendances in classes, said the notification.

Any sort of program in the varsity will need a 7 day prior written permission and use of sound system and speaker is strictly prohibited. All co curricular activities must be taken place with the guidance of the departmental student advisors.

Students found in violation of university code of conduct will be dealt in accordance with the university code of conduct.

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