KWSB declares encroachments on siphon serious threat for city

Karachi: Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) here Thursday declared illegal constructions and encroachments over its crucial water siphons and water supply lines in the District East of Karachi a major threat for the city.

KWSB managing director Misbahuddin Fareed in an official letter written to the Deputy Commissioner East Karachi said in the district East three curial water lines emerges from the Sihpon-20 that supply half of the water, 200million gallons, to Karachi. He said 250 meters area along the siphon is the property of KWSB, but influential people have erected houses and bungalows illegally on this land. Due to these illegal structures any leakage or damage to these lines could not be detected and repaired easily.

He said due to leakages in these lines the Mian University Road goes inundated causing problems for citizens. He said due to sudden damage or blockage of these water lines, the city of Karachi can face a serious crisis and to avert this crisis it is mandatory to remove these illegal encroachments and structures on war footing basis. He urged the Deputy Commissioner East Karachi that in view of the very sensitive nature of this civic issue, he should play his due role in removing of the illegal encroachments and structures from the KWSB land around the siphon 20 and its water supply lines.

He also requested urgent help from the police and rangers to remove the illegal structures and encroachments for the safety of these sensitive water supply lines of Karachi.

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