License branches face doctors shortage

KARACHI: Shortage of doctors and equipment at all three branches of Karachi Licence Department is causing trouble to new applicants who want their licences.

The department will be unable to accommodate large number of unlicensed Qingqi rickshaw drivers who will shortly apply for their Motor Cab Rickshaw (MCR) Licence to run their Qingqi rickshaws in the city after the decision of SC allowing them on condition of their proper fitness, safety, and registration.

The licence department lacks doctors, where only one doctor is working in the place of four doctors to conduct the fitness tests of majority of applicants applying for learner and permanent licences in all three licence branches including Korangi licence branch, Nazimabad licence branch and Clifton licence branch.

The establishing of new 18 licence centres at town level and four full-fledged licence branches in the remaining districts of the city is in doldrums as the Sindh government had delayed the issuance of funds as a result, the citizens are suffering inconvenience of standing in long queues for hours for applying their licences.

When contacted with DSP Admin, he said that they hade received an official reply from Secretary Health who agreed to send three doctors to Clifton Licence Branch soon that will help them reduce rush and long queues for medical fitness.

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