Low gas pressure conspiracy to close down Steel Mill: CBA

KARACHI: Leaders of Pakistan Steel People Workers Union (CBA) on Wednesday complained about low pressure of gas being supplied to Pakistan Steel Mills by Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd (SSGC) and demanded to stop conspiracies to deliberately fail the Pakistan Steel Mills so that a pretext could be provided for its privatization.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) Chairman Pakistan Steel People Workers Union (CBA) Shamshad Qureshi said under a preplanned conspiracy, pressure of gas supply to the Steel Mills has been lowered to 0.94 Kg/cm2 from 10th June 2015.

He said according to contract between SSGC and Pakistan Steel Mills, inked in 1978 the SSGC is bound to supply gas with 15 Kg/Cm2 pressure to Steel Mills.

He said Pakistan Steel Mills is an integrated plant and its every department is joined with other departments; hence low gas pressure would ultimately fail the whole mills.

Qureshi said due to continuous low pressure, Mills has sustained a loss of Rs 3.5 billion. He said the main reason of low pressure is lack of interest at the part of federal and provincial governments to run the Pakistan Steel Mills on sustainable basis. He said the rulers are not interested to run this huge plant regularly to boost the national economy and industrial production in Pakistan.

He said the issue of the billing of gas had already been resolved, as in a meeting of Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) it was decided that SSGC’s bill would be delayed for two years and re-scheduled after every ten years.

He claimed that now when Pakistan Steel Mill has attained 50% production and its future is bright due to the Pak China Economic Corridor, the rulers have started conspiracies to shut down this big project and render its employees jobless.

He said Steel Mills had repaid more than Rs. 660 million to SSGC on account of gas billing.

Qureshi demanded of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to pay special attention of Pakistan Steel Mills and ensure proper supply of gas to its plants. He demanded that outstanding salaries for the months of June and July 2015 should be paid to the employees immediately.

He warned that if their demands were not met they would block the National Highway.

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