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QUETTA: Chairman Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) Mahmood Khan Achakzai has called for constituting a joint democratic front of all political and democratic parties to hold demonstrations and meetings in support of Constitution, Parliament and Democracy.

If allegations of Imran Khan for rigging in polls and charges of Tahirul Qadir are proved at any forum our party would support them.

He said at a Press conference here Sunday. PMAP Provincial and Senior leaders were present at the Press conference.

He said we have reservations over not according parity to Pashtoons in Pakistan. Gas from Balochistan is used Punjab and Khyber Pashtoonkhwa but Baloch and Pashtoons in this two nation province are deprived of this gas. He said party always worked good according to its capacity for democracy and would continue to play our role for restoration of democracy, country’s stability and supremacy of parliament as well as respect to 180 million people’s opinion.

He said though constitution is paper and any one can throw it or tear it but the country which followed it, it always achieved success.

He said conspiracies are being hatched against democracy in Red Zone of Islamabad by two parties by gathering baton laden people. They are insisting on policy to weaken the country. He said ending government by force in this way is not good thing. Any other may gather double of the strength in days ahead.

He said there are two kinds of movement underway in the country. One is to weaken democracy, Constitution and Parliament and the other striving for rule of constitution, law and democracy. It is good sign all democratic parties have gathered for restoration of democracy and integrity of the country. He said Sufi Muhammad is in jail because he called parliament and democracy bad name. He said Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri were also terming democracy and constitution as bad and playing joke with opinion of 200 million people by collecting people form nook and corner.

Mahmood Achakzai said time has come all political and democratic parties should gather at one platform and continue their struggle against such undemocratic forces unless they are forced to push back.

He said two parties had promised with Inferior Minister they would not enter into Red zone nor violate the law. But they entered into Red zone and violating the law. He aid Red Zone is the area where important and sensitive offices such as President House, Prime Minister House, Supreme court and others are situated. He said if any unpleasant incident takes place there will be loss of precious lives.

He said Model Town incident should be probed but demand for dismissal of Prime Minister and Parliament is not correct rather against democracy.

He said on May 12 in Karachi incident dozens of people were killed and burnt alive but none demanded resignation of even a DC. Demand of Imran and Tahir Qadri is not correct.

Chairman PMAP said it is duty of every one to play its role for betterment of country, democracy and supremacy of Parliament. Or the way East Pakistan was dissociated form us Federation would also not exist.

He said our party was standing with Prime Minister for democracy, strengthening Parliament and rule of law. If some other speaks of democracy we would also support him.

He said if Imran Khan is has doubt of rigging in polls why did he take oath of National assembly and why a government formed in Khyber Pashtoonkhwa.

Referring to IDPs from Northern Waziristan he said country is indebted to Pashtoons. More people should not be displaced from their homes. IDPs should be taken back to their homes at the earliest.

He suggested legislation should be made on stopping processions, meetings and sit ins at with in Red Zone. He aid people’s right over minerals wherever they are mined should be accepted.

He said Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said Pakistan should recognize us as independent country. We are ready to improve relations with Pakistan. He said his party would guarantee international forces when foreign interference in that country is ended and Pashtoons are given equal rights in Pakistan.

He said we do not agree with Jamaat Islami if double march starts it would be harmful to democracy.

He commended the government that 40 thousand security officials are deployed with sit in in Islamabad but not a single man was pushed back.

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