‘Malaria remains public health problem’

KARACHI: Despite a decline in the reported number of malaria cases and deaths, the disease borne by mosquitoes, still remains a public health problem for the country.

This was observed by the experts addressing a seminar at Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre.

Dr Sobia Munir highlighted various treatment options and highlighted the current WHO guidelines for management of malaria cases. She highlighted the latest treatment modalities and elaborated upon their regimen.

Dr Samina Naz, consultant gynaecologists, termed malaria as a life-threatening disease in pregnant women, which may be fatal for both mother and baby. She emphasized proper medical care for the cases of malaria which occur during pregnancy.

Dr Abul Sattar Jaffer, medical director – Murshid hospital, stressed the importance of preventive measures. He urged effective vector control through better sanitation, use of full clothing particularly at dusk, application of mosquito repellents and nets, etc.

He motivated the doctors to spread awareness among the masses so as to deal with this public health problem with effective vector control and preventive measures.

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