Market research report on low cost private schooling held

KARACHI: The School Assessment for School Improvement program, an initiative of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi and Institute of Professional Learning, launched its Market Research Report on the Low Cost Private Schooling sector in Pakistan. It also shared findings and statistics on the 130+ schools it has assessed in the country. The event highlighted various issues that hamper the growth and development of non-elitist schools in the country that result in low standards of education.

The launch was a gathering of school owners, school associations, representatives from private sector companies that provide improvement services to schools, and representatives from the government. It was aimed at seeking guidance from the rich and diversified experience of key stakeholders from various sectors and professions.

The school assessment for school improvement program, which is designed to help low-cost private schools by enabling them to invest in improving the quality of education, also facilitated the engagement between low-cost private schools and the many organizations that would like to work with them in one easily accessible location.

Speaking at the launch, Shehzad Akhter, President of PEAK Private School Association, appreciated the ITA efforts for improving the quality of education in low-cost private schools.

Saba Mahmood, Chief Program Manager of Reform Support Unit, Government of Sindh, said that the government was taking initiatives for mapping private schools as well. She said that the government had also plans in the pipeline for taking initiatives for teachers’ training, improving the quality of education.

Aliya Shahid, Special Secretary of Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, appreciated the study and the efforts of ITA. She also assured that government will support such initiatives.

While speaking about the monitoring evaluation tools, Tauseef Lateef, Director Public Private Partnership highlighted that PPRS Model and Adopt-A-School Model are tried and tested models of public/private partnerships. He also said that assessing the schools via right tools and highlighting the right areas which need improvement and then looking for solutions for improving those areas are the crucial steps to be taken. Findings of the Market Research Report of Low-Cost Private schools of Pakistan were also worded out and discussed by the

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