Maulana Hydri speaks

TAMBOO: International imperialist forces are involved in creating lawlessness and spreading terrorism in Pakistan. JUI-F has always struggled for supremacy of parliament, democracy to flourish in the country and Shariah Islamic system enforcement.

This was stated by Deputy Chairman Senate and Secretary General JUI-F Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hydri while speaking to a delegation led by Nizamuddin Lehri and Dr Abdul Wahab Rind.

He said situation through which country was passing was not good and there is need to improve it. Pakistan is a region where big powers are focusing their eyes as it is rich in natural resources. We have agriculture, oil, gas, coal, silver, gold, iron reserves. America was spreading lawlessness and chaos in Balochistan for these reserves but it would not succeed and she does not want Pakistan to utilize these resources bringing economic revolution in the country. It was some other time now Pakistan is atomic power.

He said India does not recognize Pakistan from day one. It is conspiring to halve Pakistan. It landed its forces into West Pakistan to disintegrate erstwhile East Pakistan .but that was some other time. Pakistan is now nuclear state. If Modi government makes any foolish and spread war it would not be traditional battle but atomic war which these two countries cannot afford. But India was not in a position of war but it was creating lawlessness and instability in Pakistan and providing money to anti state elements.

Maulana Hydri said situation in Karachi has improved 80 percent as entire nation has got untied for peace in the country. Elimination of political wings has become inevitable. Karachi is backbone of Pakistan and confrontation between Centre and Sind government would be harmful for the democracy.

He said JUI is striving for enforcement of Islamic and Shariah system in the country and supremacy of Islam and resolution of problems confronting country is our objective.

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