Medical students welcomed on first day in Baqai

KARACHI: A large number of newly admitted MBBS and BDS students for the Batch of 2015-16 year at Baqai Medical University Karachi were warmly welcomed by the University’s administration, wishing them a bright future in their prestigious institute of medical studies.

The program was entitled ‘Day 1 Ceremony’ was organized by Baqai Medical University for the MBBS/BDS Batch 2015-16 held at University’s premises on Thursday. It was attended by a large number of newly admitted students along with their parents, faculty members of Baqai Medical and Dental College while the Consulate General of Switzerland Emil Wyss was invited as a Chief Guest.

BMC’s Principal Prof Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Siddiqui urged the students to keep continue their study with such a zeal with they have passed the stages to enter the college.

He said the Baqian graduates are being welcomed in all over the world so come forward with new idea, commitment and hard work.

BMDC’s Principal Dr Kashif Ikram wished the best of luck to newly admitted BDS students in the university. He suggested that students should work hard and go ahead with same zeal as there are enormous opportunities for BDS students worldwide.

In Pakistan, currently 15,000 dentists have been registered under the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council from which 1,500 dentists got their graduation from Baqai Dental College which is pride for the college.

Emil Wyss said the people of Pakistan are very hospitable, adding he never met more hospital people before in the world. He congratulated students and wished them a bright future in medical studies. He also offered them to move towards Switzerland for the post graduation as many Swiss universities offer scholarships to foreigners for post graduation.

Emil said in his country the health department has been given more priority by the government. He said there education system is better than many other countries and the European students also prefer to come there for studies purposes. He said almost everyone in Switzerland is medically insured.

BMU’s Chancellor Prof Dr Fareeduddin Baqai and Vice- Chancellor Prof Dr Zahida Baqai also spoke at the event.

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