Minimum wages increased

Karachi: The Secretary Sindh Minimum Wages Board proposed to increase minimum rates of wages in respect of skilled , semi skilled and highly skilled workers employed in forty one categories of industries in Sindh proportionally by 20% w.e.f from 1st July, 2014,.

According to Secretary Sindh Minimum Wages Board Shaheen Nisar Mangi, all categories of workers (Skilled, semi skilled and highly skilled) employed in forty one categories of Industries as specified in Labour Department, Government of Sindh, notification No.L-II-13-4/78, dated 13th March 2014 , are (1) Auto Work Shop & Garage, (2) Bidi Binding Industry, (3) Brick Klin Industry, (4) Buss Body Building Industry, (5) Cement Industry, (6) Ceramic Industry, (7) Cotton Ginning & Pressing Industry, (8) Chemical & other Chemical Industry, (9)Construction Industry, (10) Cycle Industry, (11) Electric Appliances Industry, (12) Fluor Milling Industry, (13) Food Industry, (14) Furniture & Wood working Industry, (15) Glass Industry, (16) Hotel Industry, (17) Iron Steel & Fabricated Metal Industry, (18) Machine Made Carpet Industry, (19) Machinery Industry, (20) Paints & Varnish Industry, (21) Paper Product Industry, (22) Petroleum Industry, (23) Pharmaceutical Industry, (24) Plastic Industry, (25) Printing Press Industry, (26) Ready made Garments Industry, (27) Rice Husking Industry, (28) Road Transport Industry, (29) Rubber Industry, (30) Silk/Rayon Small Units & Power Loom Industry, (31) Soap Manufacturing Industry, (32) Sugar Industry, (33) Tannery Industry, (34) Textile Hosiery Industry, (35) Tobacco Industry, (36) Transport Equipment Industry, (37) Beverage Industry, (38) Hosiery Industry, (39) Leather Goods & Footwear Industry, (40) Ice & Cold Storage Industry and (41) Dairy Product Industry.

Secretary Sindh Minimum Wages Board further stated that this has already been notified in the Extra Ordinary Gazette of Sindh Government dated 6th August 2015. She advised concerned quarters that the objections/suggestions if any may be sent to the Secretary Sindh Minimum Wages Board, Government of Sindh within 36 days i.e. latest by 5-9-2015.

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