Minister: (Attempts being made to de-track Karachi operation: Ch Nisar)

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that attempts are being made to de-track Karachi operation.

Addressing a news conference here on Saturday, he said dilly-dallying tactics being adopted by the Sindh Government over the issue of extension of mandate of Rangers in Karachi amounts to playing with sensitive law and order situation there.

He regretted that uncalled for public statements are being made targeting institutions and their role in a bid to make them controversial. He emphasized that Karachi operation should not be made controversial and well-disciplined, patriotic and professional force of Rangers should not be made target of ridicule.

He said Rangers personnel are safeguarding security interests of the country and instead of praising them, some people are criticizing their role. He pointed out that despite its reservations, MQM wants continuation of the operation for the sake of restoration of peace in Karachi but the provincial government is not interested.

Referring to criticism of FIA and NAB by the provincial government, the minister said the incumbent Chairman NAB was appointed through consultation of the government and Leader of the Opposition.

He said this is in sharp contrast to the practice adopted during PPP tenure when no consultations were made and hand-picked persons were appointed Chairman. Similarly, junior officials of NAB are there since the day of General Musharraf and PPP.

He said FIA has mandate to investigate terrorism and that is why it also investigated Benazir murder case. He also highlighted the point that Rangers is a federal force and it is operating under anti-terrorism act, which is a federal law.

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