Minister for SAFRON resents categorization of DPs for shelter in Jalozai camp, rejected discrimination and orders shelter for all coming to camp

Peshawar: Federal Minister for SAFRON Abdul Qader Baluch on Tuesday expressed strong resentment over categorization of Displace Person of Bara for providing them residence in Jalozai IDP camp and directed FDMA to provide shelter in camp to every inhabitant of Khyber Agency as they are being compelled to leave their homes as result of operation to eradicate terrorists from the Agency.

Minister along with both elected members of Khyber Agency visited Jalozai IDPs camp where FDMA and PDMA have briefed them about the arrangements being made for the shelter of new influx of displaced people from Khyber Agency.

In the briefing FDMA told that UN organization has made various categories for those people seeking shelter in the camp as people about 60 years of age, vulnerable persons like widows, orphans, children who either loss their mother or father and handicap persons would be eligible to get shelter in the camp.

Minister strongly resented over the categorization and said that it is government’s responsibility to provide shelter to all those vacated their homes due to military operation in Khyber agency against the militants. “ is the camp made for orphans and handicap persons, where other people would go if camp is denying residence to them,” the minister asked FDMA authorities.

He directed FDMA to provide shelter to all those people coming from Khyber and facilitate their stay in the camp by proper arrangements of tents, food and other items saying that there would be no discrimination among the people coming from Khyber Agency to the camp in compulsion.

Similarly, he assured the tribal elders who met him in the camp that like people of North Waziristan government would provide same package to Displaced persons of Khyber Agency as the people who are giving sacrificing for the whole country are real heroes.

He also assured that NADRA mobile teams will be available for DPs in the camps to speed up the verification process and resolve other issues related to NADRA.

Talking to media, he said SAFRON would keep a check over facilities being provided to DPs in the camp besides food quality would also be checked through laboratories as people would be provided food according to their requirements.

Earlier FDMA and PDMA in their briefing told that KP government has provided Rs. 60 million for tents and other items for the new DPs of Bara besides provincial government has also provided 1000 Kanal land to extend the Jalozai camp for new DPs.

So for, FDMA said 440881 new families have been listed at three points which are being established at Ring Road Pishtakhara Peshawar, Lam Kandao Ali Masjid and Samghakhai Checkpoints and all these lists have been provided to NADRA for verification.

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