Moazzam, sons missing case: Court gives more time to file comments

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday gave three more days to rangers’ law officers to file the comments in a petition seeking release of Usman Moazzam, general secretary of Pasban e Pakistan, and his son.

According to a Pasban press release, SHC bench headed by Justice Ahmed Ali M Sheikh and Justice Sadiq Hussain Bhatti took up the petition and gave three more days to rangers’ lawyer for filling their comments about the whereabouts of Moazzam and his son. The hearing was adjourned till 31st August.

The petition was filed by Usman Moazzam’s wife Saboohi Usman seeking release of her spouse and son from alleged custody of law enforcers.

The petitioner submitted that her elder son Saad Usman Siddiqui had been missing since 11th June 2015. His father, Usman Moazzam had filed a petition CP 3656/2015 in SHC, seeking his release. However Usman Moazzam and his younger son Mohammad Siddiqui too were whisked away by law enforcers during a raid at their residence in Karachi’s Federal-B Area on mid-night of 20th July.

The petitioner submitted that the law enforcers were not disclosing their arrest and she feared about their lives and their implication in fabricated cases.

She prayed to the court that Usman Moazzam and his sons Saad Usman and Mohammad Siddiqui should be presented before it.

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