MQM flays Imran Khan speech

Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has flayed the speech of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, saying every worker of MQM was sad and offended.

Addressing a press conference at Nine Zero, MQM Rabita Committee member Haider Abbas Rizvi said like the sit-in of Imran Khan his speech was also pre-planned. He asked where was Imran Khan and his party when the Balida factory caught fire in Karachi. He asked if the situation being created by these offensive statements was not a bid for minus-one formula. He said the workers of MQM adore and respect their leader Altaf Hussain.

He said today was the blackest day in the political history of Pakistan. He alleged that Imran Khan was closely linked to Taliban. He said the MQM would continue its tolerance as usual.

He said some elements seemed determined to ruin the ongoing operation against terrorism in the country by spreading anarchy in Karachi through fiery speeches against the political party which had been at the forefront against terrorism.

“On the other hand, PTI is the party which has never condemned Talibans. Imran’s speech seems pre-planned like sit-ins,” he blamed.

Rizvi said Imran had made allegations against MQM in a situation when his party had failed to yield the desired results through sit-ins in Islamabad and Imran’s politics had halted.

“Where were Imran and his party when Baldia Town incident happened? How many times he visited the victims of the incident in hospitals?” he questioned.

He said MQM was being crushed in treadmill, however they were steadfast and determined and could not bear any hate speech against their leader.

“We would not reply the hate speech with hate, but with more love and respect for our leader as a counter,” he said.

He discussed Imran’s personal life and alleged that it was blotted with shameful acts and he had been a playboy. “The meaning of playboy would put gentlemen to shame if told openly.”

“The sit-ins led by Khan were full of shameful activities. Journalists were mishandled and even female journalists were not left,” Rizvi said.

In a pre-press conference statement Rizvi said to people to keep their businesses open.

Imran Khan in his press conference had repeated the stance of Joint Investigation Team’s report that the Baldia Town factory was set on fire for its refusal to pay extortion money by people affiliated with MQM.

He also asked from prime minister to take action against culprits.

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