Mughal emperor Babur’s birthday observed

ISLAMABAD: Former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and renowned intellectual Akram Zaki on Monday said that Mirza Zahiruddin Babar laid foundations of Mughal dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent on religious harmony, social justice with a focus on welfare of masses.

The vision of Babar paved way for one of the most prosperous nation on earth at that time and help Mughals rule the Subcontinent for three hundred and fifty years, he said.

Speaking at a ceremony here on Monday on the eve of 532nd birthday of Zahiruddin Babar, he said that religious tolerance and sectarian harmony was at its peak during the Mughal era while the non-Muslim subjects were given all the due rights.

All the non-Muslims enjoyed full religious, economic, social and political freedom which helped maintain such a gigantic empire for extended duration. Akram Zaki said that hatred and intolerance on the basis of faith was never part of our society and traditions, rather it is due to influence of foreign interference.

Speaking at the occasion, President of the Mughal Society Baig Raj said that we have established the society on order to introduce Mughal history and culture to the new generation. He said that Babur conquered all Indian Subcontinent in just four years and ensured peace across the stretch of his rule.

He used to come out of the palace in laborer wear out to get firsthand information about the situation on the ground and he would not observe any leniency or discrimination in dispensation of justice, said Baig Raj.

He noted that Babar was well organized with a keen eye for natural beauty, he was a brave, humble and good-humored. His attractive personality combined a fine sense of taste and style. Although his life was occupied with warfare and physical exertion, he enjoyed the company of artists and writers.

Apart from a military genius, conqueror, kindhearted and benevolent ruler, he was also a writer, poet and lover of art, he said, adding that the next birthday of the emperor would be observed in a big way.

The one of the most successful of Babur’s move was the introduction of “Gunpowder”, which had never been used before in the sub-continent which brought him a well-deserved victory which changed the course of Indian history.

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