NA: (All religions teach amity and reverence for humanity: Deputy Speaker)

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Murtaza Javed Abbasi has said that Pakistan was a multi-cultural society where people belonging to different faiths and religions had been living together in amity and mutual respect.

The best tribute to Prophet Jesus would be to inculcate and practice the spirit of peace‚ love‚ tolerance and brotherhood, he added. He expressed these views while addressing a reception organized for Christian Employees of Parliament House in connection with the Christmas, on Thursday.

Deputy Speaker said that all religions of the world taught peace, affection, clemency and respect for humanity. He stressed the need for dialogue among different religions and civilizations for promotion of congruence and serenity.

He said that we should shun our differences and share our grief and rejoice for a better future. He said that Jesus Christ was not only the Prophet of the Christian community but also equally respectable for Muslim as we believe in all Prophets of Almighty Allah.

He said that Jesus orated adoration, brotherhood, forbearance and non-violence, and advocated selfless service for humanity. He said his birthday was happiness for all of us.

The Deputy Speaker valued the patriotism of Christian community in Pakistan and their contributions for progress and prosperity of the country. He also glorified the services of Christian employees working in the Parliament House and wished them Merry Christmas.

Later on Deputy Speaker cut the Christmas cake and prayed for the prosperity and peace of the country. Minority member National Assembly Romina Khurshid Alam and senior officers of the National Assembly Secretariat were also present at the occasion.

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