NA: (Children of APS engraved the message of peaceful Pakistan with their blood: NA Speaker)

ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that children martyred in Army Public School (APS) carnage engraved a message of peaceful Pakistan with their blood.

He said that December 16 reminded us the unforgettable tragedy that befell Pakistan and the collective pain and grief that afflicted this nation a year ago. He said that in his commemorative message on the first anniversary of APS deadly attacks.

Remembering the Army Public School tragedy, Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that more than 132 children along with teachers were killed coldheartedly that shook the entire world.

He remarked that bereaved families and friends were not alone, and the entire nation equally shared this pain and stood shoulder to shoulder with them. He termed the loss of those innocent children as a national tragedy and said that no words of sympathy could lessen the pain of mourning families.

Applauding the resilience of Army Public School’s students, their parents and teachers, he stated that the whole nation is proud of their phenomenal courage when they returned to school with a new found spirit and an unflinching resolve for education. He highlighted that history will not be able to offer such precedents of bravery.

The resilience and courage of the bereaved families and students of Army Public School has bolstered the nation’s resolve to root out militancy in all forms and manifestations.

He further added that the Parliament has crafted National Action Plan and has provided a mandate to law enforcement forces to destroy and dismantle terror networks. “However, it is the schools and colleges where we have to win the battle against militant mindset that despises even education”, he added.

Reflecting on the nation’s response to the APS tragedy, he said “We have promised the martyred souls of the Army Public Schools that your sacrifices would not go in vain; that your siblings across the country would live up to your dream; that there shall be no politics in bringing the perpetrators of terror to the book.” He resolved the commitment of the nation to defeat the mindset that knew only violence, bigotry and hatred.

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