NA: (Democracy is the only way forward for Pakistan: NA Acting Speaker)

ISLAMABAD: Acting Speaker National Assembly Murtaza Javed Abbasi on Tuesday said that democracy is the only way forward to a brighter future of Pakistan as it ensures rule of law, constitutionalism and good governance in the country.

He said this in his message on International Day of Democracy, observed under the auspices of United Nations, on Tuesday. He said that democracy protects the rights of masses to determine their political, social and economic courses and thus, guarantees their active participation in all aspects of their lives through their chosen representatives.

He said that only an elected government can truly reflect the aspirations and will of the people, and address their concerns. Highlighting the democratic journey of Pakistan, he said the people of Pakistan strived for democracy in the past and reclaimed their right to be governed by their chosen representatives in 2008.

He said that in year 2013, Pakistan witnessed the first ever peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected government to another that reflects that Pakistan is on its way to flourishing democracy and consolidating constitutionalism.

“All the political forces have shown firm commitment to strengthen democracy in Pakistan and we will continue our endeavour of developing a more tolerant, progressive and just society”, he added.

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