NA: (NA Speaker appoints children with thalassemia honorary MNAs for one day)

ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly Sardar Sadiq on Thursday appointed children suffering with Thalassemia honorary MNAs for one day.

He also designated three of them to act as honorary Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Panel of Chairmen to hold mock proceedings of the National Assembly. These announcements came during a special ceremony for the children suffering with Thalassemia being treated at Sundus Foundation held in the Parliament House, here on Thursday.

Renowned literary figure, columnist and chaperone of Sundus Foundation, Munnoo Bhai was also present at the occasion. While addressing the audience at the event, Ayaz Sadiq lauded the children suffering with Thalassemia for displaying immense courage and resilience in the face of this disease.

He paid tribute to Sundus Foundation and said that it has rendered great service to this nation by taking on the humanitarian cause of supporting the poor sufferers of Thalassemia, mainly children through voluntary healthy blood transfusion services.

He said that Munnoo Bhai in his capacity as chaperone of the organization has led this noble cause and reach out to every corner of the country to collect donations from philanthropists for the unfortunate sufferers.

He stressed on the need of creating public awareness regarding importance of taking safety measures and precautions in order to minimize chances of Thalassemia disorder.

He said that Thalassemia was a genetically transmitted blood disorder, which had affected million of people around the world and its further proliferation could only be slashed down by avoiding intra-family marriages.

He informed the attendees about legislative business in process regarding prevention of this dreadful blood disorder including recommendation of medical tests prior to cousin marriages.

Later, Ayaz Sadiq joined the children and had informal chat with them. Answering a question of a child regarding separate schools for Thalassemia suffering children, he said that such children were no different to those who were healthy and sound, and in fact, were more courageous and brave.

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