NED men warns of protest

KARACHI: NED Employees Association’s senior Vice President Abdul Qadir Gabol and former President Makhdoom Ashraf warned on Tuesday that a protest demonstration would be held against University’s administration if the officials concerned did not stopped deducting the amount for life insurance policy from employees’ salaries.

They said the life insurance policy has already been cancelled by the concerned insurance company due to the non-payment of dues.

It is unjustified that despite deducting the amount from the employee’s salaries, the administration has not paid premium amount to the company and resultantly the policy has became dormant which would not be benefited to employees anymore, said Makhdoom Ashraf while talking to reporter on Tuesday.

He said they have voiced the insurance issue many times at different forums of university but in vain.

Qadir warned authorities concerned to resolve the internal issue of the university’s employees and administration and stop deducting unjustified insurance amount from their salaries; otherwise, a protest call will be announced.

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