Need stressed to increase Pak-Afghan trade

KARACHI: The India under Modi’s extremist regime is a threat to Pakistan but it’s more dangerous for its own country where several states of India are now facing separatist movements and worsen law and order situation.

This was said by Free University Berlin Germany’s Associate Professor Dr Dietar Reetz while speaking in a lecturer program entitled Pakistan between Central and South Asia a bridge or a stumbling stone, organized by University of Karachi at its premises on Monday.

Dr Deitar said that Pak Afghan negotiations are in a stalemate and needs significant breakthrough in this regard. Pakistan has a vital strategic position in the region and thus America has no other option to enjoy friendly relations with Pakistan.

He said Pak Afghan trade relations need to be increased. The security of the whole region will be dependent on the regional states in the post NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan scenario.

Reetz said: “No significant and conclusive evidence has been acquired which could testify or prove Anti Pakistan Indian activities in Afghanistan still India needs to have good relations with Afghanistan to sustain its grip over the region”.

Dean Faculty of Social Sciences University of Karachi Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar said that Indo Pak mutual positive cooperation is pivotal for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a buffer state between Central and South Asia that’s why its instability always threatens the peace of the whole region. Afghanistan now cannot afford to become a battle field of Indo Pak proxy wars. Regional Organizations who have now very marginalized roles must play a positive role for enduring peace in the whole region.

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