Need stressed to increase trade with China, Germany

KARACHI: Patron in chief of Pak China Club and chairman of Al-Karma Towel Industries Mahtab Uddin Chawala has said that trade of Pakistan with Germany and China needs to be further increased.

Talking at a dinner hosted at his house in the honour of Pakistani ambassador in Germany Syed Hassan Javed and Consul General of China Ma Mayau he said Germany and China have a major role in the trade and commerce of the region; therefore, increasing trade volume with these both important countries is in the interest of Pakistan.

Consul General of China Ma Mayau said on the occasion that bilateral trade with China is being increased. He said increasing investment is also amongst our priorities.

Chawala said there are vast opportunities of investment in Pakistan in different sectors like energy and infrastructure and the traders of China and Germany should invest in these lucrative sectors.

On the occasion the president of Pak China Club Javed Rashid Asghar Arian said tariffs should be positively adjusted keeling the local industrial situation in Pakistan.

He said reduction in tariff is a must for increasing trade relations with Pakistan. Pak China Club senior Vice President Rehan Uddin Chawala said with the exchange of trade delegations with both Germany and China new vistas of trade would be opened.

He said trade and investment would also be boosted by arranging Expo exhibitions. On the occasion, Pak China Club press secretary Khalid Iqbal Khan, managing committee member Mohammad Ameen Ghaziani and patron Dr Mohammad Suleman Otho, Tariq Khan and others were present.

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