Need stressed to train teachers to cope with emergency situations

KARACHI: Special safety training on bomb threats, natural disasters, child abuse and other psychological issues pertaining to students was given to a group of 30 teachers at Foundation Public School by an American-based organization, Student Assistant Training International’s Executive Director and Trainer Ms Cheryl Watkins on Thursday.

The two-day training session for staff members on “Crises Management”, was organized by Foundation Public School at O Level DHA Campus here on Thursday to Friday, January 14 to 15 January 2016.

Talking to media, Ms Watkins termed safety training as a tool to deal with any crisis that provides solutions and methods to get out of the crises immediately. Safety training is essential for every staff member in all educational institutions in Pakistan to prepare them for dealing with any untoward incidents and their aftermaths, she said. “I feel really pain in my heart when I think about the brutally killed students of Army Public School Peshawar in terror attack a few years back in Pakistan,” she added.

She said, after attack on APS School in Peshawar, the remaining students in the school need special care to return to their normal lives that require a proper training of teachers. The training of teachers would enable them to understand the students’ needs and their other issues pertaining to family conflicts, emotional or mental health problems, she added.

Ms Watkins said, sadly, many students were also killed in America in different shootouts in elementary schools and universities during the year 2015. She suggested that Pakistan’s government should take serious steps towards expanding such trainings to all schools and universities due to the security threats.

Foundation Public School’s Managing Director Raza K Minhas said that viewing the security threats to schools in Pakistan, the FPS Management has decided to arrange safety training sessions for their staff including teaching faculty members so that the issues related to the students and management could be resolved timely.

Foundation Public School’s Vice Principal Ms Sadaf Khurrum said that they have learned that how to deal with students in any crises particularly in case of any terror attack. She said they have learned that what kind of decisions should be taken in a panic situation that could benefit others. They were also taught that how to deal with the emotions of students and to be patient during a panic situation.

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