NEPRA gives nod to net metering regulations

Karachi: NEPRA has given its long awaited approval on Net-Metering regulations, on Thursday, 3rd September, 2015, to encourage consumers to set up their own Photo-voltaic (PV) plants. Net metering is a prevalent phenomenon in the developed nations, as they make use of solar energy to power a substantial portion of their day-to-day domestic and industrial operations.

Net-metering is advantageous for the country, as it shall help accelerate deployment of renewable energy infrastructure and ease the energy crisis. Netmetering applies the concept of reverse metering that allows users to sell surplus energy to the grid at an agreed upon tariff rate; the consumer hence is billed for the net electricity used. The net metering mechanism is a brilliant concept to bring down carbon emissions and average cost of electricity.

Pakistan is located in a region with ample sun and wind energy that makes it suitable to use renewable energy technologies. “To evade the looming energy crisis, it is imperative that all alternate resources are very well embedded in the energy plan. Net-metering is a wonderful idea that can help the government bridge its energy supply-demand gap and allow consumers to get uninterrupted electricity and gain energy credits. ” said Inam ur Rahman, CEO, Reon Energy Limited. Reon is the renewable energy division of Dawood Hercules Limited – the single largest energy provider in Pakistan’s private sector and envisions bringing energy to all in Pakistan. Reon Energy Limited is applying for 20 connections under the new net-metering policy.

Using the netmetering concept, energy users typically reduce a portion of the conventional electricity they buy from the utility. Homeowners, businesses, schools and other public agencies can all partake in the net metering process. Net metering is the cornerstone policy for creating sustainable renewable energy markets, and has driven almost 100 percent of all rooftop solar deployment in the United States over the last three decades. Ensuing successful implementation of the policy, net metering can undoubtedly reshape the country’s energy security paradigm.

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