New approach needed to resolve Kashmir issue: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that new and vigorous efforts are needed to make the important Kashmir Issue central focus of the world politics and media, and peace-loving people of whole world including Pakistan have to play their due role for early liberation of Kashmiri people.

He said every year we observe the Kashmir Day in a stereotype manner- holding rallies and demos for just one day and then forgetting the issue for remaining whole year. He said we need to change our approach to Kashmir and Kashmiris if we really are sincere with them. He said Pakistan is not complete without Kashmir, as Kashmir is the ‘K’ of the word Pakistan.

He said India wanted to divert attention of the world from Kashmir by destabilizing Pakistan. It also wants to trap the United States of America to further strengthen its presence in Afghanistan. He said Pakistani government and political parties should take notice of this conspiracy. He also suggested improving interaction with media, intellectuals and thinks tanks of America to clear their misconceptions on Kashmir.

Like people of other parts of the world, independence is also birthright of Kashmiris said Altaf Shakoor. He wondered if the people of East Taimoor, Scotland and South Sudan can enjoy the right of self-determination, why not Kashmiris. He said sooner the United States (UN) realizes its double standards on Kashmir and Palestine it would be better for this global institution that was formed for giving world justice and peace.

He asked the Pakistani political parties, government, think thanks, media and civil society organizations to see the Issue of Kashmir realistically and play their due role for early solving of this issue to give South Asia a lasting peace and improving relations between Pakistan and India.

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