’New generation should not be kept aloof from glorious past’

Jhelum: President of the Mughal Society Baig Raj on Monday said new generation should not be kept aloof from their glorious past.

The young generation is embracing newest of ideas with little knowledge of past which can be overcome by including part of our magnificent past in the syllabus, he said while speaking at Mughal Convention in Sindhoi, Jhelum. He said that Mughal era is a strong reference of Muslim rule in the subcontinent on which we still feel proud.

He said that history of Pakistan will remain incomplete without the Mughal history. Raj said that Mughal rulers were so enlightened that they interfered little with local customs, but they declared funeral ritual of sati as illegal.

They allotted vast tracts of lands to women of the royal family and acted upon applied Islamic system of inheritance in letter and spirit. The women got their constitutional right on consultation in state matters during that era while the Taj Mehal is ample proof of the dignity of women during that times.

Parliamentary Secretary Rauf Mughal, former MPA Sayeed Mughal, Advisor for AJK Government Arif Mughal, President of Pakistan Economy Watch Dr. Murtaza Mughal and president of Tanzeem-e-Mughlia Jhelum chapter Nadeem Mughal also spoke on the occasion.

They said that Unlike in the ancient Indian period, the position and status of women in the Mughal period enjoyed great deal of liberty which give birth to women of outstanding ability, whose fame is still relevant today that include Nur Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Chand Bibi, Jahanara, Raushanara, Zeb-un-Nisa, etc.

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