Order to remove graffiti from hospitals greeted

KARACHI: The doctors’ and paramedical organizations on Wednesday welcomed the provincial health department’s notification for removal of wall-chalking, banners and posters of the medical wings of political parties from the premises of all government hospitals and dispensaries.

According to the notification, all heads, in-charges and medical superintendents of government hospitals have been directed to remove wall-chalking, slogans, banners and posters of political parties from their respective premises.

The directive issued under the section 28(4) of Sindh Healthcare Commission Act and under the section 3(1) (2) of Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 2013, stated that no one is authorized or allowed to display/ mount any banner of any political party, slogans etc in the premises of hospitals, health institutions, health facilities which may cause defacement or disfigure the image of an ideal environment and ambience of healthcare facility.

The violators will be dealt with iron hand under the relevant clauses of the acts. The heads and in-charges of the hospitals have been directed to implement the executive order in letter and spirit.

President Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association (PPMSA) Sindh Niaz Hussain Bhutto, when contacted, welcomed the provincial government notification for removal of wall-chalking, posters and banners of medical wings of various political and ethnic parties from the premises of public hospitals.

He told PPI that the medical wings of political parties have converted the healthcares institutions into political arenas by installing huge banners, party flags and posters of their leaders in the premises hospitals and administration seems helpless in front of these powerful political activists, who are also the government servants of health department Sindh.

He said the hospitals have been established to provide treatment facilities to general public regardless of their race, creed, community, linguistic background and caste but some political and linguistic parties have established their medical wings in these hospitals. He said the heads of these public hospitals are helpless before these medical wings backed by powerful political parties.

He demanded of the health minister, secretary health Sindh and other high-ups to close the political parties’ medical wings offices established inside the hospitals. He said only non-political unions and organizations of employees should be allowed to work in peaceful and legal manner for rights of the employees.

Senior leader of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad said health and educational institutions should be freed from political interference as they provide treatment and education to all segments of society without discrimination. He said PMA has a clear stance on the issue that the health and education institutions should be spared from all kind of political interference.

He said healthcare institutions should be utilized for healthcare facilities and medical education rather than making them political platforms.

He said welcomed the provincial government notification on the behalf of PMA for removal of all the party flags, posters, banners and wall chalking from the public hospitals.

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